Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker: Harness the Power of Your Orange Aura

Congratulations, Adventurer! If you've always felt the magnetic pull towards excitement, thrill, and pushing your limits, chances are you possess the dynamic and vibrant Orange aura. You're about to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and harness the immense power that lies within your aura color. 

In this first session, you’ll learn what an aura is, what a “life color” is, what combination colors are, the definitions of “in” and “out” of power, and why it matters which one you are. In addition, Pam briefly shares her story of how she started seeing auras.

Introduction To Auras

(Video: 12 min)


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Aura Colors

In this session about your personal aura color, you’ll discover:

Your Orange Aura Color

(Video: 9:14)

  • The positive qualities and strengths of your personality type
  • The challenges you might face when you lose your center or become unhappy
  • What specific steps you can take to regain your emotional balance and become happier. What works for one aura color doesn’t always work for another color.
  • The needs, priorities and positive traits you can bring to your relationships to create long-term harmony and compatibility.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses with money and success.
  • Your most fulfilling career directions.
  • Your potential health issues and which methods work best for you to stay healthy
  • And much more…

Session #1

Session #2

Session #3

This session begins with advice and specific steps that your personal aura color needs to take to stay happy and healthy. Explore specific guidelines that are helpful for your aura color.

You have particular potential health issues that can arise if you are not happy, and specific actions that can help you stay balanced and healthy. Imagine having a personal life handbook that takes into consideration your personality type, then offers specific tools and advice tailor-made for your lifestyle. Your path to wellbeing may be different than that of the other aura color personalities. You don’t necessarily benefit by taking the same actions as others, nor thrive doing the same activities. Discover which methods benefit you and your personal aura color and how those methods can take you through your life adventures with greater ease.

How to Keep Your Orange Aura Color Happy & Healthy

(Audio: 8:29)

In this session you can learn how your specific aura color personality can create a long-lasting and compatible relationship. Discover your unique relationship strengths, style, needs and priorities. Learn about the positive qualities and benefits your color can bring to your relationships. Explore the specific traits and characteristics your color needs in a partner, what type of person will be the most compatible with you, and how you can create a healthy and harmonious relationship. Whether you are looking for love or focused on creating harmony in your current relationship, understanding the different needs, desires and priorities of your personal color can enhance your experience. This knowledge can also help you realize who is naturally compatible with you and why – so you don’t struggle unnecessarily or look for love in all the wrong places.

What an Orange Aura Color Needs in Relationships

(Audio: 11:38)

Session #4

Session #5

If you would like to meet or form a relationship with anyone with a similar aura color, this session describes where people with your color are likely to be found. Discover the hobbies, interests and favorite places to go for your aura color. This can help you locate those who have similar interests as you. It can also guide you to your most fulfilling activities and locations.

Where to Find an Orange Aura Color

(Audio: 2:16)

Session #6

Are you in a fulfilling career? Are you questioning your current direction? Do you know which type of career or job will be the best match for you? In this session we explore which career directions could satisfy your aura color personality. Heading in the direction that will fit the natural skills and interests of your aura color can enable you to actually enjoy your work. Learn about the priorities of your color and the work environments where you have the best chance of thriving so you can avoid years of frustration. If you’re in an unfulfilling career, or have outgrown your current job, these ideas and suggestions may get you considering a whole new direction.

Career Advice For Your Orange Aura Color

(Audio: 7:07)

Session #7

So how do you know what aura colors someone has – especially if you can’t ask him or her to take the aura color quiz? Each of the aura color personalities has behaviors and qualities that make them easy to recognize. Learning to see auras can help you know which aura color personality you’ve encountered. However, if you never develop the ability to see auras, learning how to recognize the colors by their behavior, language or lifestyles can also help you know who they are.

Do you know which color tends to fidget and has a hard time sitting still? Do you know which color usually communicates by using visual terms such as “I see” or “I have a dream”? In this session you’ll become more aware of the different color’s signs and behaviors. Knowing which aura color personality you’ve met can give you a great head start in developing a healthy and harmonious relationship.

How to Recognize the Aura Color Personalities

(Audio: 50:54)

Do you often find yourself craving the adrenaline rush of physical danger? Are you constantly seeking out challenges that go beyond the ordinary? Perhaps you've felt that life lacks the excitement and thrill you yearn for. You may have even wondered why you're wired differently from those around you, always searching for the next heart-pounding experience. 

Living with an Orange aura comes with its unique set of challenges. Your need for excitement and danger can leave others perplexed, unable to comprehend your thirst for life on the edge. The mundane routines of everyday life may seem suffocating and uninspiring, leaving you yearning for something more. 

Imagine the frustration of a life without adventure, where you're confined to the limitations of a routine existence. You feel stifled, as if a part of your vibrant spirit is being smothered by conformity. The lack of excitement drains your energy, leaving you unfulfilled and yearning for the rush that only true thrill-seeking can provide.

You might have tried to suppress your natural inclinations, conforming to societal norms and expectations. But deep down, you know that your true essence thrives on the pulse-pounding experiences that ignite your soul. Suppressing your Orange aura is like caging a wild spirit—ultimately, it leads to a life of unfulfilled potential.

But fear not, courageous one! Your Orange aura holds incredible power and potential, waiting to be unleashed. By embracing and harnessing the true essence of your aura color, you can transform your life and experience a world brimming with excitement, cunning skill, and boundless adventure.

Through our comprehensive program, we will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you understand the intricacies of your Orange aura and how it influences every aspect of your life. Our expert resources and proven techniques will equip you with the tools to channel your adventurous spirit, while finding harmony and balance in all areas of your existence.

By tapping into the power of your Orange aura, you'll be able to: 

  • Embrace and celebrate your love for thrills and excitement, turning them into catalysts for personal growth and transformation.
  • Unlock your innate cunning and skill, empowering you to overcome challenges and push beyond any perceived limitations.
  • Discover the true meaning of living life to the fullest, as you connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for adventure.
  • Find fulfillment and joy in every moment, infusing your life with a vibrant energy that radiates to those around you.

Are you ready to embark on the most thrilling journey of your life? 

Don't settle for a life of mundane routines and unfulfilled dreams. Embrace your Orange aura and seize every moment with unyielding courage and excitement.

Click the button below to start your adventure now. Unleash the full potential of your Orange aura and discover a life brimming with thrill, excitement, and limitless possibilities.

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Click the button below to start on your aura journey – only $27 today!

Buy This Course Now!

Order now and you’ll have your complete Orange Aura course sent to you within seconds. We know you’ll get tremendous value from this detailed course but, if for any reason you decide that you're not 100% satisfied with your report, just contact us here within 60 days of your date of purchase and we'll send you a prompt refund.

I Want My Primary and Secondary Aura Color

I sincerely recommend Life Colors to anyone interested in the meaning and power of our aura colors and how that knowledge might apply to your life, love, and your real work out in the world.

Kenny Loggins
- Grammy-award winner, singer & songwriter 

Relationships are like movies - once you have the story, it's all in the casting. If you want your story to be a happy one, get your own act together first, and then find the right costar. Love Colors is the place to start.

Jeff Arch
- Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of Sleepless in Seattle 

I'm amazed at Pamala's accuracy and insightfulness. The information she has on the aura colors can profoundly impact people - and I've seen it happen.

Anthony Edwards
- Golden Globe Award-winning actor 

Pamala Oslie is at the forefront of a valuable and innovative approach to understanding people and their different personality types. Her unique information is incredibly insightful and accurate. Pamala is very professional in her presentation and in dealing with people, and was rated one of the top speakers at the International Forum on New Science.

Robert L. Siblerud
- Executive Vice President International Association of New Science 


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